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Home repairs in Las Vegas by TJ Ward have experience as a business owner and has thirty years experience hands on skills.

My Work Biography: TJ Ward

My very first project, I was 12 or 13 years old, my parents were out of town and I was to paint my bed room and without permission! So I headed to the local hardware and supply store on my bicycle to charge up my paint and supplies*, florescent Blue (Astro Blue) and white trim paint. I did my first paint job in a timely manner and to my parents shock and surprise upon their return they were pleased with my initiative not necessarily my color choice. I was from then on known as the family interior decorator from a young age.

My career began as a painter in that year 1968 and expanded into wall repairs and carpentry, all phases from rough to finish, tile installs, roofing and eventually home remodeling, all hands on training out of necessity and my enjoyment to create with my hands. I was never to enjoy my traditional education. At my parents disappointment and yet approval I left High School early with a GED and began working at a local service company. I always had some project or two going on the side.

I entered the Military in 1976, US Army and was assigned to the 25Th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks on Oahu, Hawaii. Upon an honorable discharge I resumed my pursuit in the remodeling industry doing various small project for people in my home town** and my summer community, Normandy Beach, NJ.

In 1983 I was hired by a Mom & Pop construction company, Tadco Inc., as a carpenter on a part time basis. Maintaining their rental properties. After six months they offered me a management / superintendent position where I was to begin my carrier in construction management. I broke ground on a fifteen unit condominium project in Bernardsville, NJ. I accomplished management all the site work and foundations of the three buildings for the fifteen unit project. As well as the complete framing to include siding and all rough-in and interior dry wall. At the same time I remolded a farm house on the same property.

The next two projects were to start at that point back in my home town. The first was the renovation of a commercial retail and residential apartment property on Bloomfield Avenue. While I was given the blue prints for the complete renovation of a one hundred year old building that was to become an office building. At the completion of that project in 1987 I started back in my own business in NJ till 1997 I relocated to Boise, Idaho where I resided till April 2010 As a licensed contractor in Idaho completing many remodels some new home builds and hundreds of home repairs.

Relocation to Las Vegas, Nevada in April 2010 and a continuing my interest in home repairs to the present is the current endeavors and loving what I do making clients happy with my work.

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